AI web expert profile of the day: Tab Atkins

This is a “just for fun” series in which I’m asking OpenAI’s ChatGPT for 10 quotes from famous web experts. The content of the quotes may be wrong - in fact, assume they are entirely bogus (if you reshare include a similar notice). What’s real is respect and love for everyone of these experts. Thank you for your work in web design and development.

Tab Atkins is a software engineer at Google, known for his contributions to web standards, particularly in the area of CSS. While he may not be as widely quoted as some other figures, here are a few notable quotes attributed to him:

  1. "CSS is the HTML of visual design. It’s a language for laying out and structuring your content."

  2. "The best API is one that you want to use and that solves a problem for you."

  3. "Flexbox isn't for everything. It's for things that are fundamentally a line of items. When you have a line of items, flexbox is perfect."

  4. "CSS Grid is essentially a table that you define on the fly in your HTML."

  5. "Every line of code is a liability. It’s a potential bug. The more code you have, the more bugs you have."

  6. "It's easier to optimize correct code than to correct optimized code."

  7. "When you're building something for the web, you're building it for everyone."

  8. "Solve the problems you actually have, not the problems you think you might have in the future."

  9. "Every feature has a cost. A web standard is a particularly expensive feature because it costs everybody."

  10. "The web is for everyone, and collectively we are all its stewards."

Please note that the accuracy of these quotes may depend on the sources available, as not all quotes are universally attributed and verified.